Thursday, March 31, 2016

F My Birthday - The Remix

Here it is again. Well, not here, but close. I'm sure at this point my mother was cursing my very 8 pound existence. I was a big ass baby.  I only really want to do one thing on my birthday... More on that later. 

This year is different for me. I'm in a new city, doing new things, meeting new people. The most fun thing I've done so far this year is reconnect with old friends. Don't get me wrong, My San Diego friends are fuckin' awesome! But its a damn good feeling to be in this city again. I can't front. Being an adult here is way different from being a kid here. 

I've lost some people between this year and last year. I think that's the worst part of this birthday for me. I was expecting this one to be different. Not like a parade different, but different in that it could have possibly been spent doing the one thing I really want to do on my birthday. I said later.

One major loss is my granny. She didn't do anything for birthdays but write checks. Nanie was funny about everyone's birthday except for her's and Kam's. I was blessed enough to spend her 94th birthday with her last year. I brought her flowers and cupcakes. She smiled so big that day. Sigh. That was my dog. I'll miss her. 

Anyway, I know you're wondering what the one thing I want to do for my birthday is. Listen, I'm a simple girl. I don't need expensive gifts or grandiose gestures. All I need is a nice dinner. It can even be homemade, which I actually think is better. There's love and caring in a hand crafted meal. There's one other thing I'd love to have, but since my dad reads this... 

Everyday is still my birthday. I'm healthy, wiser than I was last year, getting my slim-thick on, still eating bacon and cupcakes, sometimes together, sometimes not, and forever grateful for another year. Love y'all. Thanks for taking this ride with me. I'll write more soon, I promise.