Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Me and my big mouth.

Well, well, well. We meet again. Here's the part where I say I'm going to blog every day. So I'm not going to say that this time. But I will say that I will try to blog at least once a week. You see, I've started a new project. I'm building a couch. Not like the type you would find at a furniture store, but one made from pallets. Don't ask  me why. I can't tell you. What I can tell you is that I've never built anything in my life. So this will be an experience. I have a few reasons as to why I want to do this. I'll go into details more as I blog. For now, just know that I feel like this is something I need to do.

So far, I've gotten one pallet. Said pallet has six planks. I sanded 2 planks. By hand. I got a splinter. So I'm getting a hand sander. Wait, I did buy pillows. That was exciting... No, really. It was. Stop laughing at me,

Totally off the subject, a rapper named Kendrick Lamar had one of the most unexpected rap verses in history leaked today. I found it interesting and very necessary. I consider myself an old school rap aficionada. I like the word play rappers used when hip hop was still fresh and new. That's been lost for so long in the whole "I woke up in a new Bugatti with a big booty ho" rap lyrics of today. A lot of folks are up in arms about Kendrick saying he was the "King of New York". Those people are not real hip hop fans. You see, hip hop was all about being the best. Telling the world you were the best on wax, and daring anyone to try to take your title. Special Ed began one of his biggest hits with, "I'm your idol. Your highest title. Numero uno". Now if that's not saying he's the best, then what is? I used Special Ed as an example because he wasn't the best rapper ever. But he thought he was. People get so caught up in titles, they forgot that hip hop was a place to brag on yourself, not cars, clothes, shoes, bitches, money, etc. But your own skills. Turning what some see as nothing into something.

Kinda what I want to do with this couch...

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