Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So, I get in these fits where I feel like I want to write. And I put a bunch of words on paper that may or may not make sense at the time. But when I go back to read it and get ready to post it, I have to wonder how much I had to drink that day. What I wrote looked like a hot buttered mess. I mean, I can write. 

I've been told that I can.

 I think I can.

 I'm pretty sure I can.

Let me be honest... I try. I try really hard. 

But I have no idea what I was even trying to say. Like, I know it was about what the President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said about President Obama. He said he we didn't need any more "Demographically Symbolic" Presidents. Basically saying that the current leader of the free world is but an emblematic figurehead for our country, and we need a real person to come in and fix us! Save us! Make us look like the powerhouse of old! With a face that properly represents these here United States! 

Historically, middle aged white men have ruled this country. Has that always been the wisest decision? Nope. Especially when it comes to gender specific issues. Listen, if you want to make laws about your dick, by all means do so. You have one. You know what it can and can’t do. I have a vagina. I’ll stay in my lane on that one. However, when it comes to my vagina, what happens to it isn't any of your business. What goes in it, or what comes out of it. I think this should be an unwritten yet staunchly followed superlative edict. But ask me about a penis. I’d refer you to someone that has one. My penile knowledge is surface, and a lot of it only applies to how it makes me feel. I like em. A lot. But I’m far from qualified to make a law on what should and shouldn't be done with them. Its unfair to both of us, I think. Me for you telling me what to do, but at the same time you for being the one to decide what should be done. Who decided it was your job? That’s a lot of pressure. So here’s an idea: leave it to the experts. No more speculating on if and when the vagina has the ability to shut an unwanted pregnancy by rape down. No, our vagina's don't connect to our stomach. And my personal favorite, we don’t require a birth control pill every single time we have sex to prevent a pregnancy, Mr. Limbaugh.

According to white males, they represent this country to the fullest! Fuck diversity! Fuck this country being founded on the principal that being different was what made us worthy! The fact that this man fixed his face to say that our president was no better than the paper his fake birth certificate was written on was... It was ridiculous. 42 White men have been president of this country. 42. In a country that was built on the backs of immigrants.  This country is labeled a melting pot for a reason. The tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to be free all came here for a reason. A new life, a fresh start for their children because this country in its infancy was ripe with opportunity for all who were ready for it. Religious undertones have brought what our forefathers meant to do in this country to its knees. We should be celebrated for our differences, but never forget that we’re all Americans.

Anyway,I have a pizza to get to, and I'm trying to write a book. Key word: Trying. I'll leave my obligatory line of "I'll try to write more" blah, blah, blah... 

Yeah, I think I'm hot shit... I figured out how to link y'all to the articles. :) Now lets see if I can remember my password for my blog in 3 months.

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