Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fat Girls Finish Last... Because they're out of breath.

was told I looked skinnier today. My inner bitch said, “Ya damn right, I do!” But the insecure me, the part that still doesn’t think I can do it, almost started to cry. I mean, I’m not what would be considered obese, but in my mind’s eye, I’m a whale.  I have to admit though, it’s getting easier. I’m nowhere near as hungry as I was on Monday, and its only Thursday.  Looks as if I’m averaging about 1333 calories per day. Which is less than my 1500 to lose a pound a week without exercise. And I’ll be perfectly honest with you, writing down everything I eat does help. I find myself doing calculations in my head… lol! It’s hilarious. I’m making smarter choices. And I have to give a shout out to Fresh & Easy. They’ve made it easier for me to make better choices. They have an entire line of ready-made salads and low calorie meals that actually taste good!

The one thing I need to learn to do is to make sure I’m getting enough protein. Lack of protein is what makes you hungry. I also want to point out that my only “Low Calorie” meals are my lunches. I eat regular stuff for breakfast and dinner. I have made some modifications. Instead of regular milk, I got almond milk. It only has 90 calories in a 1 cup serving. I have the vanilla flavored, I like the taste a lot better than the regular.

Oh, my calorie count for the past two days? Tuesday it was 1426, Wednesday it was 1376. Once I complete the week, I’ll post a copy of my spreadsheet so you all can see exactly what I’m eating.

I just realized this post isn’t as snarky as usual… lol. It’s in me, but I think the snarky me is pissed because she’s hungry. Oh well, build a bridge and get over it, I say.

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